Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Good Meal at IHOP

We had an outstanding meal out yesterday afternoon, 9/10/18. We had a 20% off coupon for a fairly nearby IHOP restaurant, and so thought we would give it a try. It was our first time there. We both had the sirloin tips dinner, with chicken noodle soup (the best I have ever had), plus steak tips with onions and mushrooms, perfect mashed potatoes, corn, and garlic toast. YUM! We were happy to be able to get dinner at 3:00 PM. The whole place was super clean, too.

We like the large tables and the high backs of the booths in this restaurant. It gives one plenty of room to spread out and gives a nice feeling of privacy in each booth. We have heard that nationally, IHOP is having trouble, but we hope it will survive. We will be back to this location for sure! The manager must be superb. All the employees looked both happy and efficient.

The address for this location is 389 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, Colorado 80226, in the Lakewood City Commons shopping center.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Study in Courage

Yesterday, at our local Costco store, I stopped to talk with an older lady whom I have seen there quite often, handing out samples of food. I've always rather admired her, as she radiates a sort of calm confidence as well as friendliness. All the food demonstrators wear large name tags, so I always greet her by name.

I learned that she is in her mid-80s, a widow, and a survivor of three bouts of breast cancer! I told her that I am a 20-year breast cancer survivor, and we talked a bit about our contrasting treatments.

She said that she loves her job, as she likes people and getting out in public. I imagine that the money is not great, but obviously there are many other benefits. Of course I congratulated her on her cancer victories and wished her well. I hope to see her often again in the future.

I don't go to Costco every week, but David does. He does almost all the food preparation and all the grocery shopping, at Costco and elsewhere, and I just kind of tag along from time to time.  :-) I like having the time to stop and chat with the nice, mainly older folks at Costco who hand out samples of the yummy food products. I'm happy that those jobs are available to them.