Saturday, May 17, 2014

“Lean Style”

My Japanese ESL student (yes, she's in Tokyo) is fond of talking about doing everything "lean style." I assume she is referring mainly to doing things efficiently, with no frills or waste. I like that.

I also liked the very yummy and healthy lunch I just had.  To explain: I am working hard to lose weight and to lower my blood sugar, but also to make sure I have plenty of energy for my almost daily workouts. I always do some combination of weight training, walking, using the exercise bike and/or the treadmill, and stretching. 

Last night at the very good Rosemary Cafe (in SW Denver, at Sheridan and Evans), we had their great buffalo burgers. They are very good about serving them to us as requested, on rye toast with the onions grilled, vs. on a regular soft hamburger bun with raw onions. You get lettuce, tomato, and pickle with that, too, also soup, salad, or potato. Last night, I had a cup of very good clam chowder. 

We always take half of any restaurant meal home and order no dessert.

SO, for lunch, I just had half the burger and a delicious salad of mixed greens, fresh pineapple from Costco, about a Tbs. of crumbled bleu cheese, and a bit of ranch dressing. I topped it off with a small glass of milk with stevia-sweetened whey protein powder, which I buy at Sprouts.

I am feeling very good these days if I make just about every meal follow the older-style food pyramid: with some protein, some carbs (a starch, such as bread), at least one vegetable, some fruit, and some dairy, but with no sweets. I feel strong and healthy, and my weight is decreasing. I feel that I'm doing great for 68!

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