Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book #27 by my husband, David Dvorkin

David is trying something that he has never tried before. He has just published a 90-page excerpt from the far longer book on atheism in general and on our atheism in particular that we have been writing for at least two years. This shorter book is called Once a Jew, Always a Jew? His basic contention is that if you are no longer a practicing Jew, then you are no longer a Jew -- any more than I am still a Catholic, given that I left the church when I was 19. But there is much more to the short book than just that.

As some of you know, as the son of an Orthodox rabbi, David is certainly familiar with what it was like to grow up Jewish. However, he became an atheist at the age of 12. He simply never told his parents that until much later. He thinks that they never did fully accept that about him, and they were certainly never happy that he had married a shiksa, a non-Jewish girl. 

Like so much of David’s nonfiction material, this book is very eloquent, very well-researched and documented (there are several pages of footnotes, many of them historical), and deliciously larded with humor. 

Here is a link to his new Web page about the book. It is available in e-book for only 99 cents and as a paperback for $5.95 from Amazon and a few other sellers.

Please feel free to send this URL to anyone you think might be interested in the book. We plan to have the long one out sometime in 2016.

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